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Qualified contact for furnaces, dryers and thermal processes

IPMAtec optimizes your thermal processes.

We offer solutions: Affordable, reliable and efficient!

We offer solutions: from design and planning to commissioning.

We offer competent know-how for a wide variety of furnace technologies.

- drying oven or heating applications
- Annealing and temhardening plants
- Chamber furnaces or flow systems
- Convection ovens
- operated with gas or electrically heated
- Induction applications
- Infrared systems from (N) IR to long-wave IR radiation   
  (The IR frequency is optimized according to the application)
- Refrigeration drying
- Recooler

Our know-how portfolio for optimizing your applications
IPMAtec together with our supply partner have extensive experience in all mentioned furnace technologies. All industries and applications
- steel and aluminum industry
- Coating and painting
- plastics industry
- mold making
- Electrical industry
- glass industry
- wind energy
- automotive supplier
- train car manufacturers
- Coil Coating
- Original painting and handling

Disclaimer              Imprint              Data Protection Declaration